Moves and patterns and no time to sew..

Hello! How are we all doing?

Well, it’s been a bit of a chaos around here! I’ve moved countries, went from the UK to France with a 3-week Greece break and it’s been great!

I’m now in France, enjoying blue skies and green grass views rather than grey skies and buildings, and the only thing I ‘m reaaaaally not happy about is that I don’t have a sewing space and that most of my stuff are still in boxes and I have not -freaking-time to sew. Arghhhh!!!! Of course that’s for a very good reason, since him and I are refurbishing a little house we bought a few months ago and so we’re in a temporary flat for hopefully another month. That means at least another of month away from full on sewing. But then….ooooh…..then….how much to do!!

Which brings me to the the Pattern Swap!

What a fantastic idea! seriously the whole thing was so much fun!! I must have somehow communicated that I need trousers patterns cause both my swap and paper pattern buddies sent me trousers. So I got the Alpi Chinos in pdf and the Ultimate trousers in paper. Now, I looooove the Alpi, and I do hope I can make it work well- I have 2-3 fabrics in mind already from my stash and I can’t wait to get going! For the ultimate trousers I’m not so sure. I already own a burda pattern that is pretty similar and they both miss two crucial elements for me: waistband and pockets.  I have a long pelvis so waistbands and in fact a wide help balance this out, and then, pockets in trousers, need I say more? In any case, I see the ultimate trousers pattern something like the Ultimate infinity trousers, a canvas you can do whatever you want with once you get it fitting right, of course. But Craftsy has a brilliant class with a brilliant teacher and so I’m sure the Ultimate trousers will live up to their name for me, as they have done with so many others out there!

Unfortunately I doubt I’ll have anything ready for Indie Pattern Month, although I have sooooooo many ideas….

Now, the other thing that I’m completely bumped out for not participating is Me-Made-May 2015. You see since about the middle of April, I’ve been with basically a suitcase. And although more than half of the garments in there are me-made, well they ‘re in  serious rotation and so my me-made-may is basically one week and then all the same all over again. I played for the first week and then gave up cause I was bored with my pics- let alone anyone else!

Anyway, that’s my news for now and I hope soon I’ll have some pretty clothes and some pretty pictures from my new environment to show you! For now just enjoy my current living room view 🙂

2015-05-18 09.53.51

Love all around,



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