the Named Kielo

I managed to seeeeeeew!!!!!!!

Massive smiles here guys….after so long without sewing, with piles of freshly bought fabric in Athens and a long list of new patterns to make in mind, I finally pulled up my sleeves, packed my bags for holidays in almost no time and spread my sewing gear in the living room for a total blast!

The pattern? A total outsider, the Named Kielo.

I think this is one of those patterns that you either see it or not. It is a strange shape, but actually once done and wrapped and all, guys! SECRET PYJAMAS!!!


The fabric, bought in Athens, viscose jersey, incredibly soft and dreamy,  with great drape. I knew it had to be a simple dress to show the colour patterns, but not too simple, cause well, life should be interesting! My first inspiration was Burda 7059 that I ´ve made before and love, but then, Indie Pattern Month! Hello?!! So I kinda profited the sales, and got a cheeky little pattern for myself also apart from the awesome trousers patterns I received in the swap.

This is the first time I´ve used Named patterns. They come in a range of sizes, but only two sizes are nested in one file. I ´m lucky cause I´m either a 36 or a 38 and these two come together but I guess if you need to grade between more sizes it would be a little complicated. Once printed and taped together, you have to trace the top parts of the pattern pieces and then flip the pattern and trace the bottom parts. I do enjoy the puzzles of patterns so that was not an issue for me, but if you ´re the kind of person that hates tracing-piecing-taping etc keep in mind there ´s a little bit of work there. The work after that is just plain EASY. One piece for the front, two pieces for the back, and two ties.  Four darts and then straight -long!- line sewing. Dress? Ready!


I did no modifications for fit, I measured the pieces against my body measurements and went for it. I cut size 36 and it works perfectly. The darts sit right and even my normal sway back adjustment was not necessary. The only thing I did was to take 10cm off the bottom to shorten it. That way I kept the hem a little wider than designed. I sewed everything with a contrast blue thread and a 0.5 wide zig zag stitch. I varied the length between 2.5 and 3 depending on the seam. For the hem I turned under twice and stitch, for the armholes and the neckline I stabilized with fusible web just because the fabric is thin and slinky. I did not finish any edges for three reasons, 1 no added thread bulk, 2 no need -gotta love jersey and 3 my overlocker is in a box in the attic for the house we are refurbishing.


I worked calmly, but non-stop. It took 2 hours and 20 minutes. Yes. You read right. For a whole maxi dress. From cut to finish.


I will make this again, for sure. I plan a black version. And a much shorter as a top version. And maybe even a kinda open back one but I ´m still working on that. Maybe for one pattern two takes?! 😉


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